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Issued from 2016.

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AuthorArticle titleYear, issueDownloadings count
1Yuri F. Katorin[Russia]The Weapon of the Underwater Saboteurs2016, September572
2Yuri F. Katorin[Russia]The Explosive Device as the Means of the Terror2016, September372
3Yuri F. Katorin[Russia], Elena S. Yumasheva[Russia], Marina A. Reshetnikova[Russia]Diversions under the Cover2017, September372
4Andrey V. Mankov[Russia]The History of Terrorism in Russia: Revolutionary Terrorism of Socialist-Revolutionaries at the beginning of the XX Century2017, September227
5Irina V. Pashchenko[Russia]The Evolution of the North Caucasian Criminal Underground: from Separatism to Jihadism2016, September218
6Xenia A. Kudryavtseva[Russia], Natalya S. Ralnikova[Russia]Checking the Candidates to Employment as Combating Terrorism2017, September213
7Maxim G. Ivonin[Russia], Nicholas W. Mitiukov[Russia]Evaluation of the Velocity’s Uneven of Striking Elements of the Improvised Explosive Device2016, September183
8Vladimir B. Karataev[Russia]The Weapons of Anti-Terrorist Organizations – BMP-2M "Berezhok"2016, September177
9Yuri F. Katorin[Russia]Actions Under the Threat of a Terrorist Attack2018, September106
10Yuri F. Katorin[Russia]The Explosive Device as the Means of the Terror, 67

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