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1 September 20, 2017

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Articles and Statements

2. Yuri F. Katorin, Elena S. Yumasheva, Marina A. Reshetnikova
Diversions under the Cover

International Journal of Anti-terrorism Studies, 2017, 2(1): 3-12.
DOI: 10.13187/ijats.2017.1.3CrossRef

For the creation on the present effective safety system should be in detail studied the history of conducting the most successful acts of sabotage. This article gives an example of successful conducting in 1943 the year of diversion with Senior Lieutenant Luigi Ferraro from the group “G”, which entered into the composition of the 10-th flotilla MAS of Italian fleet, in the Turkish port Aleksandretta, in this case for masking the operation diplomatic cover was used. There are described the equipment of Italian underwater saboteurs, the tactics of their actions and the procedure of preparation, the results of diversions are analyzed.

URL: http://ejournal50.com/journals_n/1505912020.pdf
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3. Xenia A. Kudryavtseva, Natalya S. Ralnikova
Checking the Candidates to Employment as Combating Terrorism

International Journal of Anti-terrorism Studies, 2017, 2(1): 13-18.
DOI: 10.13187/ijats.2017.1.13CrossRef

This article deals with the issue of verification of candidates for employment in the company, in terms of countering terrorist attacks on the part of the organization's staff. The authors reviewed national and international standards in the field of management of information security, as well as a revision of the federal law on countering terrorism. The authors note that the security service must check the candidates' documents in employment and, at the same time, analyze their contents. In some special cases, orders of management, the security personnel can turn to private agencies specializing on information retrieval.

URL: http://ejournal50.com/journals_n/1505912081.pdf
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4. Andrey V. Mankov
The History of Terrorism in Russia: Revolutionary Terrorism of Socialist-Revolutionaries at the beginning of the XX Century

International Journal of Anti-terrorism Studies, 2017, 2(1): 19-29.
DOI: 10.13187/ijats.2017.1.19CrossRef

The subject of article is revolutionary terrorism. The paper analyzes the terrorist activities of the Socialist-Revolutionaries (SRs), which is actively used methods of political violence in the early XX century. In 1905 – 1907 years revolutionary terrorism gradually gone beyond the capital of the empire and spread in the provinces, cities and districts of the huge state. The scale of terrorism in the Russian Empire of that time is undoubtedly impressive. The arena of the most cruel "revolutionary terrorist war" was practically the whole territory of a huge state – from Poland and the Baltic to the Volga region and Eastern Siberia .Terrorist acts continue to be an integral part of Russian reality.The article examines the process of emergence of revolutionary terrorism Socialist-Revolutionary Party. The SRs raised terrorism to an unattainable heights in the hierarchy of tactical methods of confrontation with the tsarist regime. Terrorist activity has ensured the party a great reputation and quite high popularity among the radical circles of Russian society. Thanks to the efforts of the Socialist-Revolutionaries, terrorism has become a nation-wide and national one. The author offers new views on the genesis of the terrorist tactics of the studied parties. The article presents the facts from the revolutionary practices of terrorism SR Combat Organization, its regional and local terrorist organizations.

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